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Chihuahua Head Charm

I picked this beautiful Chihuahua head out for my wife to put on her Charm bracelet. She loved it. It maches our tan and white deer head Chihuahua.

Which crab?

Great charm, my only complaint is that on on the site there are 2 pictures of the charm, one has a 'smooth' shell, the other has a 'bumpy' shell. Hoping for the one with a smooth shell design but got the one with bumps. At the end of the day its not a big deal, but would have been nice to know which one your getting or being able to choose which one when ordering.

Great stoppers for my pandora bracelet. A bit hard to get into the bracelet but that’s to be expected for it to work. I ended up taking the silicone ring out of the stopper and sliding them onto the bracelet separately then putting them back together. Fast shipping

perfect little wolf head charm.

Love it! It’s beautiful and I shared with my Doberman group so I hope you have enough.

This is a really cute charm and looks great on a Pandora bracelet. Hope it will be as durable as my Pandora charms since I couldn't find an Indian charm that is an actual Pandora charm.

Just perfect! Thank you! She loved it!

Love it! 😍😍 Thank you!!!

Beautiful charm, beautiful packing and quick shipping. Bought several things and will buy from them again.

LOVE THIS! Better then I thought. Love it!!

I’ve wanted this charm for a while.
Really nice, fast shipping. Thank you!

I loved it! Good quality and I got it in just a few days. It’s a pretty good idea for a dentist gift

Wonderful beautiful charm - perfect designed and detailed - very recommendable! Thank you! Very happy with this purchase! Great Value

Charm is absolutely adorable and amazing quality! I have an orca themed purse and I figured this would look absolutely perfect on it. Packing was also really nice and professional. Thank you!

awesome looks great on my bracelet


The charm is just what I wanted. The quality is perfect and it fits my Pandora bracelet!

A great addition to my Pandora bracelet! It makes me think of a 2 year long running family joke - love it! High quality and as tiny as can be! Very happy with my purchase!

Such a beautiful charm,I love it! It’s my first celestial charm I bought for my bracelet.I would definitely buy from this shop again.

My girlfriend loves it. Great quality and fast shipping, 10/10 recommend.

Super cute! Took me all the way back to my teen years!

It's adorable! I love it!❤

Cute charm. It's a stopper,
and gets the job done.

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