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 Loulu Jewels - Boho Jewelry

Here at Loulu Charms, we believe that the Bohemian or Boho Chic look is not just a style, it’s a mindset. And we also believe that the bohemian look should emphasize finding the jewelry and accessories that makes you feel in harmony with yourself and with nature. That’s why our designs are inspired by the gypsy style of drawing on what is around us to make beautiful jewelry that will bring out your inner Boho Chic. At Loulu Charms we offer a wide variety of bohemian and gypsy inspired jewelry for the perfect Boho Chic look.

Our stylish accessories and jewelry are ethnic inspired particularly the gypsy look. We get inspiration from unique tribal patterns and shapes. Love arrows, spirals and other unique ethnic patterns are featured on many of our designs. We have the most beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms, ankle bracelets, arm bracelets, earrings and hair jewelry.

Our Boho jewelry is inspired by nature and the beautiful things around us. We have deer, chameleon, starfish, birds, and elephant styled jewelry. We also have flower designs like lotus, cherry, and daisy, sunflower and dandelion. In addition to our spiritual inspired jewelry like Om and Buddha jewelry. There are natural healing rings and infinity rings to reflect the inner beauty and spirituality that is present in all of us. We hope our jewelry helps bring the wearer better harmony and good energy.

The material for our jewelry is drawn from mother earth and beautifully handcrafted to make each one of our unique Boho jewelry items that imbue with personality. Because we understand that each one of our customers has a unique taste and style. We strive to meet each of our customer’s unique personality needs with unique items for perfect harmony.


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