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About Us

Our Inspiration

Allow us to inspire you with our keepsake accessories that are unlike any other. Make sweet statements and carry meaningful and precious tokens that remind you of your favorite things wherever you go. Celebrate yourself every day with a piece of luxury that is personalized and meaningful with Loulu Charms.

Each piece is meant to say something special about you. To inspire you, showcase your passion and creativity. Embrace your relationships, spirituality, and commitments with a little reminder from Loulu Charms.

Allow Loulu Charms to bring out all of the remarkable qualities about you and showcase them to the world.

Unique Collective Treasures

Each memorable item included in our collections is crafted with premium metals, high-quality stones, and rich enamel, bringing the concept to life with whimsical detail. Our pieces will always make a statement with their uniqueness. From heartfelt mementos to designs that will put a smile on your face, each enchanting piece is sure to get noticed.

Loulu Charms has your favorite characters, holiday-themed jewelry, relationship tokens of affection, family-friendly pieces, and so much more. Loulu Charms will be your favorite go-to store for all your life’s events.

Day to Day Care

Shop Loulu Charms and know you will get a product that will last for years. Durable enough for frequent wear, keep your Loulu Charms item safe from potential harm by taking good care of your purchase. Not exposing your jewelry or accessory to water, chemicals, or anything that will snag it will extend the life of your purchase.

Always remember to wipe down your sterling silver products gently with a jewelry cloth or other soft cloth. Wiping excess oils and other build-ups will help keep the metal and enamel pristine.

Store your collection of Loulu Charms in a cool, dry place that will keep it safe from any environmental elements.

Our Guarantee

Feel confident when you purchase from Loulu Charms. All of Loulu Charms merchandise is shipped from Miami, Florida, USA, where we have been located since 2015, and will be shipped within 1 business day.

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 30 days, and we will send you a free shipping label to return the items back for a refund.

Contact Us

Have a question or a concern? Feel free to drop us a note. Email us, and we will respond as soon as possible. We always love to hear from our customers!


--Celebrate your personality every day with the inviting designs of Loulu Charms--



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